Organization Effectiveness and Culture

As a fundamental part of the business, the organization’s strategy plays a crucial role. The strategy that creates a vision and direction for the whole organization needs to be defined effectively. From the structure, purposes, culture, to people management, we believe it impacts everything from your business performance to how your company is perceived. 

Shaping an effective organization is challenging, and how to include your people to drive the business forward is more than that. With our approach, we help you to build an effective people and organizational strategy that deliver the best business results.

Organization Design:

We help to create an effective-designed structure that supporting your business focus and objectives. We align, analyze, and translate your desired business outcomes into a well-shaped organizational structure, together with the role purposes.

Role Design & Job Specification:

As an essential element for people to perform the job, we help to design and develop a comprehensive, targeted, and effective job description that aligned with your business objectives.

Organization Culture:

We facilitate organizational culture development and help organizations define and evolve their unique identity, engage the people to live in it, and keep the best of them. Starting from organization’s vision, mission, milestone, all the way to its core values and behavior.

Performance Management:

We help to build a systematic approach to measure your people performance. From translating the organization and individual goals into a measurable indicators, defining the process to monitor and evaluate, and integrate it into the most effective performance management system.

Employee Engagement:

We help to enhance your people’s productivity by shaping an effective and well-designed employee engagement strategy. From listening and understanding your people, all the way to create meaningful action steps that impacted the business performance.