About Us

“Facilitating Sustainable People Development and Fulfilled Workplace Creation”

We aim to acknowledge globally as the bridge for businesses to achieve long-term purposes through taking care the most important of its element: The people. We believe by ensuring the quality of all people processes will guarantee organization’s high performance.

Who we are :
What we do :

Our Unique Approach

Passion to People Development


The love and passion for people development and optimizing people’s potential are the most important thing that we embodied in our works.

Research & Data Based


We are using data and research as our important element in delivering our services and solutions.

Entertainment & Engage


We are dealing with people. Human being. So we drive our solutions with fun and exciting approach that makes people feel relate and engage. We listen and create conversations.

Our Services


Programs designed to train people for a specific skills.  SVB will provide content & already have certain topic/substance/content that will be delivered in various way to achieve the objectives which is to enhance specific skills.


Programs designed to certain action plan or result SVB will  facilitate  the discussion, flow with various way to ensure that the result and action plan in obtained at the end of the program

HR Consulting

Program designed to optimize Organizational Performance through managing People Process. We help organization to discover and strengthen their identity and drive culture of excellence. We assist organization to build strong People Development and Management starting from attraction and selection all the way to performance management

Leadership Acceleration Program

Program designed to prepare future leader in an organization. SVB will provide content, know how, and facilitate the execution of a the program. Starting from understanding the business, selection process, and learning & development program.



HR Consulting & Leadership Acceleration Program

HR Business Partner Services

Supporting a Tech StartUp Company with continuous and regular HR Strategic Assistance as well as training and building HR framework and system starting from on Boarding to performance management

Corporate Identity and Values Creation

Facilitate Strengthening a Law firm with Leading Clients’ corporate identity and values and principle creation. This is an integrated program from starting from management strategic discussion, survey, up to values and behavior creation

Accelerated Leadership Development Program

We design and develop an integrated development program for Leading local chocolate product company that is heading global. The program is assigned for 3 leadership level – junior, supervisor, and manager. This parallel program run for 6 months and includes Workshop and Training, Run a project and presentation, as well as Coaching and Mentoring. We deliver it in fresh and engaging approach that create excitement

Training & Workshop

Integrated Values Leadership Alignment

Delivering leadership and team intervention through integrated tools and program to reach maximum impact for Leading Oil and Gas Company Globally and Indonesia. The program consist of simulations, Office Fun Competition, and Employee Involvement

Introduction for Performance Management

Workshop about why KPI is important and how we can deliver an effective performance management for Leading book publisher and content developer

Owner and Management Alignment

Facilitating High Level alignment between owner and new management to drive performance for Leading HPL and Carpet producer in Indonesia

Driving Leadership and Agility

Delivering Team Capability building for specific area of leadership and agility through simulations and games for Global American company who is market leader for innovative product. This program was aligned and directed from Regional office in Singapore and involve CEO and board in designing the program

Training & Workshop

Annual Be A Leader Program

Delivering regular annual leadership capability development program for largest consumer goods company globally and in Indonesia. This program is for Leaders in manufacturing and supply chain division that covers from team management up to industrial relation area

High Performing Team

Facilitating high performing sales team training for largest consumer goods company globally and in Indonesia. The sales teams are in the head office and sales area in several cities in Indonesia to drive performance through team alignment, common norms creation, and action plan

Leadership Intervention

Delivering Leadership intervention program workshop to drive proactivity, business acumen and reducing silo mindset for Leading Infrastructure company in Indonesia.

People Manager Intervention

Delivering workshop and training to drive capability and mindset to behave and act as a leader that develop their team and support their performance and learning for Technology and Design company.

Our Clients

I want to improve and boost employee performance!


This podcast will be the place for you to hear topics regarding Leadership, Business Development, and People Development. Enjoy our Podcast as well as we enjoyed making it!

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